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Welcome to The RMOA Business Association (RBA)!

Upcoming Events

Monthly Membership Meeting

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Hosted by
Ms. Nicole Priester

Location to be Determined



"If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude.”  Colin Powell

Welcome to the Retired Military Officers Association (RMOA) Business Association; hereafter referred to as RBA. We are an Association comprised of members who have led and aided our nation in military and civil services.  We are honored to carry on a unique organization that was founded by distinguished Retired Military Officers that were Heroes in Service, Heroes in Life and Heroes in Business, in this spirit RBA continues to serve.

Having been incorporated in 1994 and later achieving a status of a non-profit IRS 501(c) 6 trade associations, RBA has a distinguished history and is an amazing association with great leadership and membership that have literally helped change the course of this country.  They are risk takers and resourceful pioneers who helped write American history, build this prosperous nation and change the course of the country. They are former leaders and members of our nation’s military who that went on to become entrepreneurs, expanding the American dream for themselves and others.

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  The RMOA Mission Statement

We, the members of RMOA, are proud and patriotic citizens who have served honorably in the defense of America through participation in this nation's armed services in peace and war.

As current owners and members of businesses and related organizations, we proclaim that RMOA's primary mission is to contribute to the economic success of America through the enhancement of RMOA members' personal and corporate economic powers, thus enabling the organization to chart a path for the economic growth of minorities in general, and RMOA members in particular.

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  RMOA's Strategic Requirements

Create a RMOA funding methodology. Establish Standing Committees, Special Committees, and Task Forces to implement the RMOA strategy. Provide a dynamic set of Instructions and Principles that are detailed enough for implementation, but general enough for development and growth of the Strategy.

  RMOA's Mission Priorities

Promote member economic growth. Assist members in achieving economic power through the accumulation of personal and corporate wealth. Utilize the attained economic power to create employment opportunities for individuals in the communities where we work

 Left to Right:  COL(R) Frank Francois, COL(R) Verle Hammond, LTG(R) Julius Becton, GEN(R) Johnnie Wilson, LTG(R) Arthur Gregg, MAJ(R) Patricia Williams, COL(R) Harvey Dickerson, MG(R) Roger Blunt

Special Events

7th Annual Ted Adams
Memorial Golf Tournament
Friday, September 29, 2017

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